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The Memorandum on the foundation of the interregional Association of Innovative Regions of Russia was signed on 21 May 2010 in Tomsk during the XIII Innovation Forum INNOVUS.

The list of the Association’s members includes: Republic of Tatarstan, Republic of Mordovia, Krasnoyarsk Territory, Perm Territory, Tomsk region, Novosibirsk region, Irkutsk region, Kaluga region.

The foundation of AIRR was supported by: Rusnano JSC, The Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration.

According to the decision of the Association Council dated April 05, 2012, the following members were adopted in AIRR: Republic of Bashkortostan, Samara region, Ulyanovsk region, Lipetsk region.

According to the results of the General Meeting, held in the framework of the SPIEF 2013, the following member was adopted in AIRR: Altay Territory.

According to the results of the General Meeting, held in the framework of the SPIEF 2014, Tymen region was adopted in AIRR:

Sergey Naryshkin became the Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Association, the Council was formed of: Vladislav Surkov, Anatoly Chubais, Viktor Kress, Vladimir Mau, Igor Agamirzyan, Vladimir Kononov, Alexey Ponomarev, Oleg Fomichev, Ivan Bortnik, Alexey Lavrov, Aleksandr Povalko and Andrey Nikitin.

During the first year of existence, Victor Kress, the Governor of Tomsk Region and the initiator of AIRR, was the Chairman of the Council of the Association, which is the standing collective management body of AIRR. Later, he conveyed his role in the management of the Association to Rustam Minnihanov, President of the Republic of Tatarstan, who was approved as the Chairman at the Meeting of the Council on April 05, 2012.

The Council of the Association included the heads of the Republics of Tatarstan and Mordovia, Tomsk region, Irkutsk region, Kaluga region, Samara region, Novosibirsk region, Krasnoyarsk Territory and Perm Territory, as well as Pavel Kadochnikov, Vice-rector of Russian Foreign Trade Academy, and Yury Udaltsov, Director of Innovative Development of Rusnano.

Acting Executive Director of the Association - Ivan Fedotov, Vice-rector of RANEPA.

The aim of the Association is to promote the efficient development of innovative member regions built on the recognition of the prevailing conditions of various models of scientific and technological growth regions. This resource will be used to refine the public mechanisms for regional support.

The tasks of the Association include:

  1. Stimulating the exchange of experience on the establishment of a favourable legal, economic, social and creative environment of innovation development.
  2. Organization and promotion of joint innovation, economic, scientific and technical, as well as educational projects among the Association members, in the bodies of state power and the development institutions of Russia.

In addition, AIRR members promote joint innovation, economic, scientific, technological and educational projects in the bodies of state power of Russia, jointly search for investors. The regions included in AIRR participate in shaping the intellectual agenda with a view to develop innovations at the all-Russian level. The Association members also intend to interact with similar foreign associations.

In order to carry out its activities, the Association has established committees headed by representatives of AIRR regions:

  • Qualification Committee;
  • Committee on public procurement of innovative products;
  • Legislation Committee;
  • Investment Committee;
  • Committee on development institutions;
  • Information and Analytical Committee;
  • Education Committee;
  • Committee on cluster policy and cluster initiatives.



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