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“TechSuccess” rating


“TechSuccess” is the first Russian rating of high-tech rapidly developing companies.

It is aimed at revealing small and medium-sized Russian high-tech companies, which are included in the elite of the Russian innovation business and are significant suppliers of high-tech products in the domestic and foreign markets, as well as introduce them to the public, government bodies and major Russian corporations.



5 Gazetny per., Moscow 125992, Russia
metro station Okhotny Ryad/Teatralnaya

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e-mail: info@i-regions.org


e-mail: pr@i-regions.org

Valentina Kataeva
e-mail: kataeva@i-regions.org
Tel.: +7 925 585 46 10

Irina Nagaytseva
e-mail: nagaytseva@i-regions.org
Tel.: +7 968 828 47 47

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