The resident of Academpark created the first-ever virtual planetarium

25 January2017
The resident of Academpark created the first-ever virtual planetarium

The resident of Academpark Altair Digital IT business incubator released a new application for users of virtual reality (VR) glasses. It can be called an online fulldome cinema.

Altair Fulldome Cinema application enables the owners of VR glasses to appear in the atmosphere of any planetarium of the world and to watch fulldome movies on a huge virtual hemispherical screen. The application creates an entire effect of presence. The user plunges into the virtual space reproducing an interior of planetarium with a spherical screen of more than 20 meters in diameter and feels as if sitting in a cinema chair.

Currently the application is available to the users of Oculus Gear VR glasses compatible to Samsung GALAXY smartphones. Now the resident of the Novosibirsk Science Campus Technopark is working on the adaptation of the application to all available VR platforms – Oculus, HTCVive, PlayStation VR, GoogleCardboard.

“We are focused on the market of Europe, the USA and China, because in Russia the glasses are not yet very popular”, – says Alexey Irkov, the cofounder of Altair Digital. “And this market is huge. For the last year more than 5 million Oculus Gear VR glasses, for which our first release is adapted, were sold in the world. However up to present only games and short 360-degree videos were released for them. We became the first, who adapted fulldome cinema for glasses. In fact, we opened a new market for the studios making movies for planetaria.”



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