AIRR delegation visited the Kaluga region with a business mission

18 November2022
AIRR delegation visited the Kaluga region with a business mission

Deputy Minister Anna Koroleva thanked the Association of Innovative Regions for choosing the Kaluga Region for a business visit: “We are pleased to welcome representatives of the nine AIRR regions to our land. Let's introduce colleagues to successful enterprises, innovative and entrepreneurial experience of the Kaluga region. We are confident that new connections and contacts will be established, and joint projects will be implemented in the future.”

As part of the business mission, the participants visited the Bosco Manufactories on the territory of the Kaluga-South Industrial Park. Bosco Manufacture is a modern enterprise with an area of 16,000 m2, designed for 1,000 jobs. The production includes: an experimental workshop, a production building and a classroom.

The guests also visited the key enterprise of the ICT cluster of the Kaluga region - Kaluga Astral Group. Chairman of the Board Igor Chernin presented the activities of the cluster and talked about measures to support IT enterprises.

Then the delegates visited NPO Telemetry LLC. The main products of the enterprise are Pandora car alarms and Pandect immobilizers . The company is the author of the most striking innovations and solutions in automotive safety technologies. The head of the company Andrey Petrunin introduced the guests to the production.

The participants also visited the private business incubator ANO KBI "Materials and Components of Electronics" and the production of plastic products TM PLASTIGY. Both directions are implemented in the industrial and commercial group of enterprises "ELMAT Group ".

As part of their visit to the Kaluga Region, the participants of the AIRR business mission visited OOO Continental Kaluga and OOO Mercator Holding. The Continental Kaluga tire plant is the first production of the Continental concern in Russia, which was officially launched in 2013.

“The tire plant impressed with the scale of the production building, and also impressed with the quality control system and production and warehouse management. I liked that the manufacturing technology has been perfected to perfection and a system for upgrading the current equipment base, taking into account digitalization , is provided . I would also like to note the conditions that the management has created for its employees, catering and support, ” said Evgeny Murzin, Deputy Executive Director of the Krasnoyarsk Regional Innovative and Technological Business Incubator. 

For more than 20 years, Mercator Holding has been designing, manufacturing, carrying out complex deliveries and servicing of road and municipal equipment. We develop and implement digital solutions for monitoring the health of drivers.

On the final day of the business mission, AIRR representatives met with Sergey Pasynkov, General Director of Obninsk-Telecom LLC, who presented the SCOUT software and hardware complex. This development performs access control to homes, including guarding equipment in basements and attics, monitors resource accounting, and alerts about accidents. The delegates also went on tours of the Vorsino Industrial Park and the Freight multimodal transport and logistics center. Village Vorsino ". The Vorsino industrial park is the first and largest operating industrial park in the Kaluga region ( greenfield type), fully provided with engineering infrastructure and ready to accommodate production facilities.

“It is well known that the Kaluga region is one of the leaders among the regions of the Russian Federation in terms of the conditions created to support and develop business and entrepreneurship. We had a great opportunity to see it for ourselves. Investors choose the Kaluga region, as there are all conditions for business development and the work of manufacturing industrial companies. I would like to wish success to the administration of the Kaluga Region, the Government, the regional development institutions in this difficult work and once again separately thank you for the excellently organized events,” Alexey Grushin, General Director of IDEA Capital Management Company, Republic of Tatarstan, shared his impressions. 

The organizer of the business mission to the Kaluga region is the Agency for Innovative Development with the support of the regional Ministry of Economic Development and Industry.

“The Kaluga region is distinguished by a special model of development. 15 years ago, a bet was made on the creation of clusters, industrial parks and the attraction of large foreign investors. This led to strong economic growth. I would like to thank the organizers of the business visit for a rich program. Members of the Association show great interest in the Kaluga region. We also plan to visit the region in the format of exchanging experience and implementing best practices” said Dmitry Mitroshin, Head of Projects for Interaction with Regions of AIRR.

AIRR unites 18 constituent entities of the Russian Federation and promotes economic interaction between members of the Association. The AIRR regions account for 25.1% of the RF GDP and 37.2% of the country's total innovative products.

The Kaluga Region has been a member of the Association since 2010. The main goal of the strategic development of the Kaluga region is to ensure the growth of the quality of life of the population based on increasing the competitiveness of the region, sustainable economic development.