AIRR in the Perm region: a practice-oriented approach to the country's high-tech development

10 April2024
AIRR in the Perm region: a practice-oriented approach to the country's high-tech development
On April 9, in Perm, on the initiative of the Association of Innovative Regions of Russia (AIRR), a visiting meeting of the heads of the Agency for Technological Development (ATD) with representatives of the industrial block of the regions participating in the Association and the heads of regional operators in the APR was held. The parties shared their experiences and agreed on a strategic partnership.

Director of AIRR Alexander Smekalin, head of the regional direction of AIRR Dmitry Mitroshin, managing director of the Asia-Pacific Region Denis Bolushevsky, representatives of executive authorities of the regions - members of AIRR, responsible for industrial development, arrived in the Perm region for the meeting. The guests were greeted by the Governor of the Perm Territory, Dmitry Makhonin, and the Director of the Regional Engineering Center (RCC) in Perm, Alexander Nikolaev.

The activities of the Asia-Pacific region are aimed at creating conditions for the development of high-tech industrial production in the country. Managing Director Denis Bolushevsky spoke about the work of the Agency and noted that in the interests of Russian industry, the Asia-Pacific region has already supported more than 220 projects worth about 10 billion rubles.

Representatives of the current regional operators of the Agency - the Development Corporation of the Udmurt Republic, the Center for Import and Import Substitution of the Nizhny Novgorod Region, the Novosibirsk Regional Innovation Fund, the Technopark of St. Petersburg, and the Competence Center for Industrial Development - spoke about the work in their regions.

Regional Engineering Center (RCE) of the Perm Territory is an operator for solving technological and engineering problems of industry. During the meeting, an agreement was signed on interaction between the Agency for Technological Development and the Regional Engineering Center of the Perm Territory on the implementation of the program to support enterprises in the Kama region.
“I am confident that the support measures that we offer will be actively represented in the Perm region. We look forward to fruitful cooperation,” Denis Bolushevsky commented on the signing.
Under the terms of the agreement, RCI receives the status of Regional Operator of the grant program for reverse engineering of components and will inform industrial enterprises, engineering centers, scientific institutes and universities of the Perm Territory about the Agency’s program, services and tools.
Governor of the Perm Territory Dmitry Makhonin noted that given the production specialization of the region, measures to support industry are one of the important areas of work of the government of the Perm Territory. Large production facilities for aircraft and rocket engines, gas turbine equipment, petrochemicals, manufacturing, as well as mining enterprises using innovative technologies are concentrated in the Kama region. Industry is one of the largest employers in the region, as well as a sector that ensures the stability of the regional economy.
“Now Kama region companies will be able to contact us to find out whether they meet the requirements of the Russian government decree to receive a grant for reverse engineering. Thanks to the agreement, more Perm enterprises will get acquainted with the possibilities of developing high-tech products, with the conditions of state co-financing and will take part in similar projects,” said Alexander Nikolaev, director of the Perm Territory RCI.

“This will make it possible to solve the problems of import substitution and strengthen the own production capabilities of our region and country even more effectively,” said Governor Dmitry Makhonin.

The program of the business visit included a round table devoted to import substitution in industry with the participation of representatives of the Agency, the government of the Perm Territory, representatives of the regions - members of the AIRR and representatives of industry of the Perm Territory. Practices in the field of reengineering, industrial cooperation, measures to stimulate innovation and the introduction of innovative products, as well as requests for adjustments and support measures that need to be worked with at the federal level were discussed.
“One of the main tasks of the Association of Innovative Regions of Russia is to organize the exchange of best practices in the field of creating conditions for innovation, as well as promoting dialogue between regions and federal development institutions. AIRR unites 18 regions, which have identified innovative technologies and technological leadership as the main strategic tool for economic development. Events such as today’s meeting help us formulate specific proposals, collect initiatives that we will try to convey to the federal government,” commented Alexander Smekalin, director of AIRR, on the business visit.
Alexander Smekalin noted that the Association and the Asia-Pacific region are already partners and are working with regions in the areas of development of unmanned aerial systems. “Of course, expanding the network of Asia-Pacific representative offices in the regions, and, first of all, on the territory of AIRR participating regions, will make support measures more accessible to industrial enterprises,” noted the head of AIRR.

After sharing experiences and working on the meeting agenda, the event participants visited the Regional Engineering Center. Guests of the engineering center got acquainted with the production site of PZGT, one of the leaders in the design and production of modern trucks for various purposes, the Perm Pumps company, which is a leading developer and manufacturer of centrifugal pumping equipment in Russia, as well as the production of compressor and gas pumping equipment of the company "INGK".

 Tatyana Ryazapova