Congratulations on Russian Science Day!

08 February2024
Congratulations on Russian Science Day!

Dear Colleagues!

Congratulations on Russian Science Day!

Today Russia is a world leader in many fields of knowledge. Behind every research, discovery, and innovation lies the daily painstaking work of scientific teams. The technological development of our country and each of its regions depends on them.

The Association of Innovative Regions of Russia contributes to the development of science by promoting innovative, economic, scientific, technical and educational projects of the participating regions in government bodies, serving as a platform for the exchange of experience.

I sincerely wish you new scientific discoveries, brilliant ideas, success in research activities, fruitful work in a team of like-minded people, loyal support of others and conquering the most incredible scientific heights.

Let every day be a movement towards achieving your goals!

Best wishes,

Director of AIRR Alexander Smekalin