Forum "Digital Economy" at the exhibition "Russia"

06 February2024
Forum "Digital Economy" at the exhibition "Russia"

Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Chernyshenko took part in the industry event “Digital Economy Day”, which took place at the international exhibition and forum “Russia”. In his report at the plenary discussion “The Main Achievements of the Digital Economy of Russia” of the Forum of National Achievements, he spoke about the results of Russia’s digital development in key areas of the national project “Digital Economy,” reports the Russian Government portal .

Russian President Vladimir Putin has identified digital transformation as one of the country’s five national development goals until 2030. One of the key indicators – the level of digital maturity – at the end of 2023 amounted to 74.7% (against the plan of 64.2%). The share of mass socially significant services online reached 100% at the end of last year (plan – 85%). Today, 110 million people already have verified accounts and actively use the government services portal. Over the past year, over 340 million services were provided on it, and the portal’s daily audience in 2023 exceeded 11 million people”, – shared Dmitry Chernyshenko.

He added that another indicator of the national goal of digital transformation is eliminating the digital divide. Today in Russia there are about 130 million Internet users – almost 90% of the population.

Russian IT solutions are actively developing. Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin launched large-scale work on import substitution of industrial and system-wide software. 197 particularly significant projects are being implemented, some of them are already being used in practice. Domestic IT solutions in the field of information security guard our cyberspace. In 2023, we successfully repelled more than 65 thousand attacks on critical information infrastructure facilities, blocked about 120 thousand phishing sites”, – emphasized the Deputy Chairman of the Government.

In addition, the industry is receiving unprecedented support measures. As a result, the pace of development of domestic solutions has increased, and the number of IT personnel is systematically growing. Dmitry Chernyshenko noted that training specialists in this field is one of the priorities.

The Deputy Chairman of the Government spoke about the effects of the implementation of the new national project “Data Economy”, the development of which was ordered by the President.

By the summer of this year, the formation of passports for federal projects will be completed. The basis of the data economy will be solutions in the field of artificial intelligence, which will be trained on concepts and values close to us. It is important not to isolate yourself only within the Russian market, but to export your know-how to friendly countries. All of us - the state, business, and citizens - must organically integrate into the new digital realities and transform our economy. Russia’s competitiveness in the long term depends on this”, – commented Dmitry Chernyshenko.

Minister of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Communications Maksut Shadayev noted the scale of the Digital Economy national program, in the implementation of which more than 50 federal departments participate. The program has record indicators, noted in six blocks - infrastructure, government services, digital services, government cloud, IT and cybersecurity.

The event was also attended by the Governor of the Moscow Region Andrey Vorobyov, Deputy Ministers of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Communications Dmitry Ugnivenko, Sergey Tsvetkov, Oleg Kachanov, Evgeny Filatov, Sergey Kuchushev, Alexander Shoitov, as well as representatives of the largest industry companies: Tinkoff, " Sber", PJSC Rostelecom, Yandex, Yadro and Bureau 1440, Infotex.