The head of the information technology and communications department met with the Togliatti IT community

22 February2024
The head of the information technology and communications department met with the Togliatti IT community
On February 21, at the congress center of the Zhigulevskaya Valley technology park, a meeting was held between Acting Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Samara Region, Head of the Department of Information Technologies and Communications Konstantin Presnyakov with representatives of the IT community.

Outlining the goals of the event, Konstantin Gennadievich said:

– Firstly, to get acquainted with Tolyatti IT specialists, talk about the regional achievements of the IT industry, inform about the activities of our department and the tasks that it faces. Secondly, recall the measures to support the industry that are available from the region. And, of course, answer all your colleagues’ questions in direct communication.

He recalled that the main goals of introducing benefits for IT companies and their employees were to support the industry during the crisis and prevent the mass departure of specialists from the country.

In 2023, the criteria according to which a company can qualify for benefits were more clearly defined. As Konstantin Presnyakov noted, a zero rate of income tax continues to be applied to such companies, as well as a tax benefit for enterprises operating under a simplified taxation system: 1% for the object of taxation “income” and 5% for the object of taxation “income minus expenses”. That is, in addition to federal support, there is also regional support.

The head of the IT department also recalled that the Samara region is one of 7 regions where the federal mortgage rate is being reduced. The region has a government-subsidized program that allows you to get a mortgage at a rate of 1.5%. Several dozen people were able to use it in 2023. To achieve such a low rate, the region allocates 800 thousand rubles from the regional budget for each subsidized person. This year, the region is doubling the amount of subsidies so that more representatives of the IT sector can become participants in this program. Natalya Svechnikova, head of the regional informatization department of the department of information technologies and communications of the Samara region, spoke in more detail about the mortgage.

The Acting Chairman of the Regional Government shared information about the achievements of the IT industry in the Samara region, about the tasks and priorities that Governor Dmitry Azarov set for the Ministry of Digital Development.

The second part of the meeting was held in the mode of live dialogue and answering questions from representatives of the IT community. The participants discussed, shared experiences, and put forward proposals. The topics of accreditation of IT companies, the problem of training new personnel for the industry, the ability of regional startups to “reach out” to representatives of large businesses and other topical issues were touched upon.


Residents of the Zhigulevskaya Valley technopark took part in the conversation: IP Balan V.V., Website Studio LLC, AlViRity LLC, IP Demidenok A.M.


“This is my first time attending a meeting with the head of the information technology department,” shared Technopark resident Vasily Balan. – The format turned out to be very warm and productive. No stock phrases, everything is to the point and caring. Today’s event was useful for me: I received answers to my questions about the presentation of our software product to Samara business.