"The Most Huge Country"

06 February2024
"The Most Huge Country"

The Association of Innovative Regions of Russia (AIRR) actively supports projects in the field of education. Thus, since 2016, AIRR, together with dozens of the best universities in Russia, has been holding the Interdisciplinary Multidisciplinary Olympiad “Technological Entrepreneurship”, designed to identify and support high school students interested in engineering creativity and planning to create innovative start-up projects. This year, AIRR provides information support to the First All-Russian competition of video content of educational institutions of secondary, secondary vocational and higher education of the Russian Federation “The Most Huge Country”, which started on January 13.

According to the terms of the competition, which will be held until May 2024, a team of schoolchildren must shoot and edit a 10-minute video in which the theme of the Motherland is revealed from general to specific: my country, my locality, my educational institution.

This will give the children the opportunity to show curiosity, creativity, initiative, and act as researchers and journalists. Schoolchildren will learn and tell a large audience about the place of their birth and education, and in the process of viewing the competitive works of their peers, they will get acquainted with other regions of the country.

In addition to the Association of Innovative Regions of Russia (AIRR), the partners of the competition are: the Association of Small Tourist Towns (AMTG), the Association of Non-profit Educational Organizations of the Regions (AsNOOR) of Russia, the Association of Volga Region Cities (AGP), the Union of Directors of Secondary Special Educational Institutions of Russia, the Russian Business Association Education (RABO), Association of Associations and Organizations NASDOBR, Association of School Cluster (ASHK), Information Portal "OFFICERS OF RUSSIA", "Mega Volunteer", Platform "Kinopoisk".

The information partners of the competition are well-known media: “Vedomosti”, “Komsomolskaya Pravda”, “Teacher’s Newspaper”, “INTERFAX”, “Kommersant”, “Federal Press”, Portal “”, Internet publication “Vocational Education”, Internet “MEL” publication, “Planet of Education” portal, “Osnova” Publishing Group, “Bulletin of Education of Russia” magazine, “Postupi Online” portal, “Press Service” magazine, “TOCHKA OPORA” business magazine.

The competition program involves online meetings of school teams with famous people of our country - Deputies of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, politicians, businessmen, bloggers, artists. The host of these meetings is one of the organizers of the competition, the founder of the Author's media communication project “RIGHT DEAL with Svetlana Erkhova” Svetlana Erkhova.

More information about the competition can be found at the link: