Comprehensive monitoring of the system for evaluating the effectiveness of innovations in enterprises: assessment of technology transfer and regional policy opportunities


The Association of Innovative Regions of Russia and the National Association for Technology Transfer (NATT) together with the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation, the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration and the NATT member company Coreston LLC conducted a survey of employees of regional companies responsible for technological and innovative development. The survey covered representatives of 536 enterprises from 67 regions of the Russian Federation.

“The assessment of the dynamics of technology transfer is essential for planning innovation activities and improving the competitiveness of Russian companies in the domestic and global markets. The main value of the project is that it will help improve the quality of managerial decisions at all levels of government” - Director of AIRR Ivan Fedotov said.

Within the study, we carried out a systematic evaluation of the effectiveness of innovative activities and involvement of Russian companies in the process of technological renewal of industries and creation of new markets for goods and services: we studied the characteristics of formation of the patent portfolio, the possibility of venture investments, the use of mechanisms of state support of innovation. During the study, special emphasis was placed on analyzing the implementation of the technology transfer system, strategic marketing and digital transformation in order to assess the current situation of the innovation system of regional enterprises.