«TechSuccess» rating 2017


RANEPA and AIRR together with Interfax Group were the first to present the national report on the development of hi-tech business in Russian regions (hereinafter, the Report). The report is based on the results of the rating of Innovative Business in Russian Regions presented during the Gaidar Forum 2017.

The suggested monitoring system has been supported by heads of AIRR regions. The hi-tech sector is making a significant contribution to the Russian economy (about 22.3% of GDP, 36.6% of the number of employees, about 15% in profit tax collection), it plays a crucial role in import substitution and national security.

Under the contemporary conditions of low growth rates of the national economy and subject to restrictions of import of technologies and equipment, the hi-tech business support in Russian regions becomes one of the most urgent objectives.

The global purpose of the Report is to identify potential points of non-resource growth of the Russian economy based on the analysis of the regional structure and major trends of analysis of the regional structure and major trends of development of hi-tech business for 2010 -2016.