«TechSuccess» rating 2019


The Report analyzes conditions and outcomes of the high-tech business development in Russian regions. The new issue presents data of the annual monitoring; several subject reviews were prepared for the first time to describe risks of the digital economy, peculiarities of the military industrial sector and high-tech support policy. Profiles of regions with major indicators of high-tech business were created.

“The ongoing global processes of industrial automation, the introduction of smart systems can lead to a significant reduction in employment in Russia in the 2030’s. According to estimates in the Report, about half of the jobs can be automated. In fact, the possibility to establish a new business as a form of creativity and self-fulfilment becomes the only alternative to ensure mass employment,” - Ivan Fedotov, AIRR Director, said.

The document presents the results of the research by RANEPA in “Development of Indicators to Assess the Level of State Support of Hi-Tech and Science Intensive Activities as Part of the Monitoring System”. This research identified peculiarities of the hi-tech sector in Russia and abroad and analyzed approaches to hi-tech support performance assessment. Information on state support in regions of the Russian Federation as prepared by AIRR under requests to development institutions, and a set of hi-tech sector statistics collected and processed by Interfax Group (using data from the SPARK system and SPARK-Marketing), was used.