Republic of Bashkortostan

Republic of Bashkortostan
AIRR member since 2012

Interim GovernorRadiy Faritovich Khabirov

Ranking 12th in the rating of innovative regions of Russia (AIRR 2018)

Strategy of social-economic development of the Republic of Bashkortostan for the period up to 2030

The strategy is aimed at achieving the strategic goal: Bashkortostan in 2030 is a competitive region with a stable economy and developed social infrastructure, one of the top ten regions of the Russian Federation. The goal is revealed through a system of strategic priorities formed on the basis of identified competitive advantages, "growth points" of the Republic in the economic and social spheres. In addition, national goals and objectives, as well as priorities for the development of the Volga Federal district, have been taken into account.

Strategic priority:

человеческий капитал
реальный сектор экономики
сбалансированное развитие территорий
государственное управление

143 600 km2
Total area
4 071 181 people
2 011 300 people
Economically active population