Republic of Mordovia

Republic of Mordovia
AIRR member since 2010

Interim Head of the Republic – Zdunov Artem Alekseevich

Ranking 13th in the rating of innovative regions of Russia (AIRR 2018)

Strategy of social-economic development of the Republic of Mordovia for the period up to 2025

The strategy is aimed at: increasing the competitiveness of the territory through the development of the innovative sector of the economy and improving the quality of life of the population. The following tasks are taken into account:

  1. Development of the basic sectors of specialization in the region and the formation of conditions for the emergence of new sectors;
  2. Reforming the labor market and educational services market;
  3. Development of the spatial organization of the region;
  4. The preservation of the demographic and social capital.

Strategic priority:

развитие базовых секторов специализации региона
повышение инвестиционной привлекательности территории
развитие пространственной организации региона
сохранение демографического и социального капитала

26 128 km2
Total area
807 444 people
443 500 people
Economically active population