Ulyanovsk region

Ulyanovsk region
AIRR member since 2012

Interim Governor – Russkikh Aleksey Yurievich

Ranking 9th in the rating of innovative regions of Russia (AIRR 2018)

Strategy of social-economic development of the Ulyanovsk region for the period up to 2030

The mission of the Ulyanovsk region is to increase the well-being of the region's residents and the quality of life, as well as to increase the rate of economic growth to a level that exceeds the national average. The implementation of the mission will allow us to reach the trajectory of stable socio-economic development by the end of 2030 and create prerequisites for sustainable development of the Ulyanovsk region and for subsequent periods.

Strategic priority:

развитие человеческого потенциала
формирование институциональной и инфраструктурной среды инновационного развития
обеспечение структурной диверсификации и инновационного развития экономики
сбалансированное пространственное развитие

37 300 km2
Total area
1 257 532 people
652 800 people
Economically active population